Some old picture .

Today is 23 March 2012 , but I'm gonna put some picture here when I was younger . LOL speaking pulak .

 This was taken when , uhh I couldn't remember . This picture was taken by my cousin , Akashah at Radix Fried Chicken Bandar Laguna Merbok Sungai Petani .

This one from last year , well I guess . So many times kami pergi jamming so tak ingat dah yang ni amik time bila . HAHA . Eh lupa , yang pakai baju oren ni la Uncle Syam a.k.a Kirk Hammett .Wakaka

Ha , yang ni ingat bila . Taken last year masa cuti sem 2 . With my lovely , cutie cousins Jannati and Imtiyaz .   Perasan tak baju kami semua lebih kurang sama ja ada belang belang . :D

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